Pistoia: Daily and weekly ebike rental. Offers, itineraries with the best electric bicycles

Pistoia lends itself well to comfortable e-bike routes. Thanks to A&P srl, an electric or daily bicycle rental with some of the best models of bikes is born. Rental: models, prices and accessories

A city, Pistoia, which attracts more and more tourists. Cultural itineraries, monuments, interesting food and wine are some of the attractions. Ideal stops for city walking routes or, better, cycling. Or with the comfortable and functional electric bicycles.

Also the road conformation, the areas with limited traffic and the absence, in the city, of climbs and unevenness, makes easy the bike routes, thanks also to the many cycle paths.

Then choosing the technology of e-bikes it is possible to reduce the effort, increase the speed of pedaling and, possibly, extend the routes even outside the “city walls”.

Through A&P srl it is possible to rent different ebike models, chosen among the best on the market. Bicycles of 2019 perfectly equipped.

For information A&P sr rent ebike – viale Attilio Frosini 24 (railway station area) telephone 0573 – 21342

Rental conditions – models and accessories – rates

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PISTOIA -                via Attilio Frosini 24 - telefono 0573.21342
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